For track days you do not need a motorcycle license. We just ask that you have some experience riding motorcycles before hitting the track.
No. If Rumble Strip Rentals observes any renter allowing another party to ride the motorcycle, the motorcycle will be immediately confiscated with no refunds.
Rumble Strip Rentals motorcycles are expertly maintained by a Rumble Strip Rentals technician and will be presented to you in a clean, safe, 100% operational manner.

Crashing is bad, but sometimes unavoidable. Usually, a crash will end your track experience for the day. You are financially responsible for 100% of the repair costs. Yamaha YZF-R3’s  are lightweight motorcycles and crash with fairly minimal damage, so we do not anticipate heavy damage during crashes. Most damage will be limited to fiberglass repair and paint, foot pegs, levers, handlebars, etc.
In the event of a minor spill, every effort will be made to get you back on the track and back to enjoying your experience. Getting you back out may be as simple as replacing a lever, however, more serious damage will need a thorough safety inspection. If a crash is severe enough, and it is not possible to repair it at the track, you will lose the use of the motorcycle for the remainder of the day or weekend. Please note that you will still be liable for rental fees.
Only qualified Rumble Strip Rentals personnel will be allowed to work on the motorcycle and give it the OK for safety.

Rumble Strip Rentals does NOT offer any motorcycle insurance. We do have a Protection Plan available for purchase. This $75 option limits your out of pocket expenses from a crash to $750. If the crash damage is less than $750 you will only be charged the lower amount. Without this option you are responsible for 100% of damages to the motorcycle.

Rumble Strip Rentals does NOT offer any medical insurance. You must have medical insurance to rent from Rumble Strip Rentals. It is your individual responsibility to ensure that you are adequately prepared for any medical costs associated with riding or crashing our bikes. Even a minor slip up can send you to a medical facility. These little side trips can be really expensive, so be prepared!

We have a limited selection of one piece leathers, boots, and gloves available for rent. Fees are $75 a day. We DO NOT rent helmets. You can reserve safety gear during the checkout when you make your reservation.  We bring all the sizes in the chart below. 

We will get you fitted at the track.  If you have any questions please give us a call.

We do not rent gear at events we do not attend.

Our cancellation policy can be found on the Pricing page.
Fees for your track day are in addition to your motorcycle rental. You can now add your track day for selected events directly with us. When available, it will be an option during checkout. For more track day details visit the specific track day provider’s website.
Not much! That’s the beauty of renting a Rumble Strip Rentals motorcycle. Check out the Preparation Page for details.
Yes. We will have complimentary beverages, water on ice, and snacks for customers in our hospitality area. You will have a complete pit set up when you arrive at the track. We have all the chairs, tables, and shade ready for you.
Walk-ups are “first come first served” based on availability. We may have motorcycle rentals available for “walk-ups”, however it is very unlikely. Reserve your motorcycle early to ensure yourself a ride for your track day or race.
At most of our events all the technical inspections are taken care of for you. There is usually no need to push a Rumble Strip Rentals motorcycle through the tech line. On rare occasions you may have to go through tech but rest assured, your motorcycle has already been checked over and it should just be a quick check by the track day providers staff. If there is ever an issue with your motorcycle, please be sure to bring it to our attention so we can correct it immediately.

If we have an advanced reservation we WILL be there. If there are no advance reservations, we reserve the right not to attend the event. So, if you have a date you want to ride a Rumble Strip Rentals Yamaha YZF-R3, be sure to reserve in advance.